Hello, my name is Robbie Thomas and I have been designing websites since 1995 when I started an Internet based business. Though the technology has changed the basic principles of design have not. I'd like to think that I do a better job of listening to the end user, the stakeholders or my customers and yes, that I deliver rich experiences that create emotional attachments that keep users coming back. This is just a small sampling of some of the work I have done over the past 17 years. I've also included art and photography becasue at my core that is who I am.Improving the software development lifecycle seems to be an ever-changing game.

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What I Do

Ienjoy so many aspects of art and design. The world around us is full of great design and beautiful inspiration. For me living and playing in this world has been an essential part to who I am as a person, an artist and a designer. But more importantly it has helped to define who I am as a husband, father, son, friend and a human.

UX Design & Development

Web design has been at the very core of my career. I have grown up with the Internet and I learned to tell stories and define experiences that satisfy its hunger for information. UX design has come out of the need to define how we humans interact with data. How it makes us feel and behave. I have gained great empathy for the end user and enjoy understanding their context and creating experiences that touch and delight.

Design Leadership

In this world of get it done yesterday, the move right to production mentalities of business and the lack of audience definition and understanding has caused so many painful experiences for users. These painful experiences cost business millions. Design leadership helps companies understand how to apply design in their processes and effectively utilize the UX practice to improve products and user touch points.


I enjoy being outside. I purposely get lost in the deeps of wilderness so I can find myself. Photography has been an important instrument in journaling my experiences. Like they say a picture is worth a thousand words, well my pictures define my life's story.

Anything Outdoors

Other than the birth of my children, the most I have ever felt alive is when I am outside doing something, recreating. It doesn’t matter if I am on a mountain bike deep in a forest, or my road bike along a divided highway. It doesn’t matter if I’m lost in the wilderness with my essentials on my back. Or climbing a mountain or rock face or eating powder on my snowboard. It might just be a simple hike with my family. I am truly the happiest when I am out doors. It has brought me closer to God and has defined who I am and what I strive to be. It has aloud me to see the best of myself.

About Me

Iam incredibly passionate about understanding the user and creating solutions that intuitively satisfy their needs. I focus on delivering a rich and engaging experience that delights and thrills. I seek to meet the user where they are. It is through that context and understanding that I drive user-centered practices and methods to bring the product and design teams together single in focus and purpose.

Robbie Thomas UX Designer

I am driven by the vague and abstract beginnings of an idea and I give innovative vision to those ideas and can build and lead a team to facilitate that vision. I inspire and engage stakeholders bringing clarity to the vision and strategy of any product. I have an incredible empathy for the end user and I skillfully craft visual and functional experiences that reflect the balance between the business and end user needs and goals.

I specialize in, improving bad experiences, Design thinking, Product development and management, Lean UX, Iterative/Agile methods and practices, UX design and leadership, discovery, User advocate, change agent, process improvement, vision and strategy, professional influence, thought leader, user-centered design practices, user research, SEO, team building, team leadership and mentoring.

I am a team player that can lead and direct multi-functional individuals to become high performing teams, improving quality and reaching their potential. I have the right balance between the art and the science of UX design and innate drive for results.

Lastly, any successful seasoned UX designer will tell you it is all about the relationships. Being able to build and cultivate relationships of trust not only opens many doors, but also solidifies your credibility, making you a trusted and valued partner.

Contact Me

If for any reason you want to get a hold of me to climb, mt bike or go on a long backpacking trip. Or perhaps you just want some of my philosophy on life. Then again maybe you just want to chat, connect or follow my tweets. For whatever the reason these are the best ways to get a hold of me:

Kaysville, UT. USA 801-703-1792 robbie.thomas@gmail.com